Tuesday, 14 July 2015

We're Still Here, But You Can't Hear Us / Da Ni Dal Yma, Ond Fedrwch Ddim Ein Clywed Ni!

Funky Dragon gave me a voice and inspired me to go back into education. Having been a care leaver at 16 and leaving school with no qualifications. Funky dragon gave me the opportunity to engage with other young people and make some great friends. 

Funky dragon taught me that I was a valued citizen of Britain and my voice mattered. It gave me the confidence to represent other young people. I was transformed from a quiet, nervous person who didn't believe in my capabilities. But within a year I was co chairing meetings at the assembly, running workshops and sessions, speaking at minister's cabinet meetings and supporting funky dragon on their management committee. 3 years with funky dragon saw me thrive in life and gave me real opportunities which has benefited and improved my outcomes. After my time at FD I went on to be a participation youth worker, foster panel member and a representative on the care council for Wales. I also returned to education and as a result have improved my life for the better. Funky D was so much more than just giving YP a voice. It gave us wings to soar and the confidence to shine. It is a great loss but it's work can never be undone or forgotten as we are all still here but you can't hear us! It's just so sad that other children and young people will miss out on such an amazing opportunity. 

Dorian Spencer Lewis

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