Tuesday, 15 July 2014

#ProtectFunkyDragon - Jessica Peters

Having spent four years representing young people in the Vale of Glamorgan on Funky Dragon I have seen first hand how essential the organization is for young people within Wales. I have come to the assembly today to discuss with AMs the possible complications that getting rid of a young person led organization would lead to for young people around Wales. 

As Funky Dragon is young person led it exploits article 12 of the UNCRC and fully ensure that all young people involved, and ultimately all young people around Wales, truly are getting their own voices and their own opinions heard. By eradicating this and replacing it with something adult led it is possible that the genuine voices of young people will be silenced as the representation will not be as strong. Also, young people gain a great deal from having a young person led youth assembly; not only does it give those involved the opportunity to gain confidence in themselves and gain knowledge on the political structure in Wales it also shows those who are being represented that there are people willing to listen to them and take their opinions into consideration. 

Again, not having an organization such as Funky Dragon implies to the young people and future electorate of Wales that their voices are irrelevant and unimportant almost, completely refuting article 12 of the UNCRC which Funky Dragon has worked so hard to give to young people all over Wales for the past 12 years.

Jessica Peters, Vale of Glamorgan

Please sign the petition to save Funky Dragon - you don't have to have a Welsh address! - https://www.assemblywales.org/gethome/e-petitions/epetition-list-of-signatories.htm?pet_id=1042&showfrm=0

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