Tuesday, 15 July 2014

#ProtectFunkyDragon - Dorian Lewis

I joined funky dragon back in 2007. At the time I was a care leaver, unemployed and didn’t have any qualifications. I became a representative for my local forum as I was passionate about standing up for children’s rights and being heard. When I first started the grand council I was very nervous and lacked the confidence to do some of the things that I went on to achieve through my involvement of funky dragon. I gained a ocn qualification in funky dragon and 350 hours volunteering certificate. Through the opportunities that were given to me I gained so much confidence that it set me up for life. I was inspired to go back into education follow my dreams. I was later appointed to the care council for wales as a service user representative.

Funky dragon gave me the power to be heard and listened to. It made me feel valued as a person and it gave me some unique opportunities that no other organization has been able to provide.

Sign the petition to save Funky Dragon - https://www.assemblywales.org/gethome/e-petitions/epetition-list-of-signatories.htm?pet_id=1042&showfrm=0

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