Sunday, 13 July 2014

Post-15.. Motions for UK Youth

Following my experience representing the UK at the WCY2014 I have had some time to reflect on what I believe UK youth should adopt and focus on these areas.

The direction of youth involment in Post-15 is still vague and non-formal. We need to ensure we chose wisely the areas for us to focus on. In this day and age children and young people still have to live in communities enthralled in violence, sectarianism and hatred. Education programmes are a pivotal way of ensuring these deeply rooted divides can be faded and eventually erased making way for a future of peace and security.

Below are the recommendations I have made for the BYC to adopt to ensure the key messages of Colombo 2014 resonate throughout to UK youth.

1) The BYC recognises the Colombo Declaration on Youth as a pivotal movement for young people to be recognised within the Post-15 development agenda.

2) As a UK representative to the Colombo Conference on Youth I suggest the BYC formally recognise the engagment of human rights and human security in conflicted and post conflict societies. The Colombo declaration suggests an increase of intercultural exchanges based on human/children's rights are mandatory in gaining a full understanding of the rights available to us and therefore enable young people to challenge violence and conflict accordingly.

3) I suggest the BYC engage with either the UK young ambassadors / national youth councils in order to form a structure to allow youth representation at UN level. This could be done according to the UN framework already in place for such national programmes. This would mean that UK youth would have a stronger voice on their position within the post-15 agenda and offer reliable feedback on the position of the Colombo Declaration at such an important time regarding global development.

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