Saturday, 12 October 2013

UK Young Ambassador - Representing Wales & The UK Internationally (2/2)

After Turkey I caught the 'travelling bug' and became enthralled in my work. The next opportunity was far more inclusive for other people in the UK and was the final stage of the Spain-Belgium-Hungary Trio of EU Presidencies. The theme for young people to discuss was employment - a hard hitting and realistic subject as during 2011 many countries where still going through financial crises. As UK Young Ambassadors we decided to recruit and train an entourage of "Young Researchers" from our respective organisations in order to gain an understanding of how young people in the UK really feel about their employment prospects. 

We presented our findings into a report that we took with us to the final conference in Budapest, Hungary. In this conference it concluded the work taken from the previous sessions in Spain and Belgium and it was our job to create a set of recommendations for the Council of the EU to implement across member states. 

I was assigned to work on the experiences young people had whilst undergoing the "Transition from Education to the Labour Market" and was assigned group speaker to the conference. Our recommendations included offering a universal standard of careers advice across Europe and further advertisement of opportunities to take voluntary work across Europe. 

During my time as a UK Young Ambassador I was heavily influenced in terms of what I wanted to do in the future and the experience guided me to study my chosen degree of "International Politics & Conflict Studies". If you would like any more info on this programme please visit this link

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