Sunday, 13 October 2013

The London Conference on Cyberspace - November 2011

Through being able to meet other young people and organisations as a UK Young Ambassador I found out about an opportunity to attend the London Conference on Cyberspace with the NSPCC. The Conference was attending from heads of state and ministers from all over the world including a guest speech from Hilary Clinton. The aim of the conference was to assess the position of the internet in terms of international relations, looking specifically at the threats it can pose for international security. 

As part of the Youth Forum with the NSPCC my role was to present and attend various seminars and presentations and actually help the delegates understand the role of the internet. As we are growing up with it and implementing it in our day to day lives our opinions were held highly - especially in our critique of the name of the conference (who says cyberspace?!). 

Anyhow - the conference was interesting as we received talks from the European Director of Facebook as well as the CEO of Telefonica UK who themselves were avidly interested in gaining the youth perspective. I particularly enjoyed meeting with the Metropolitan Police and learning about the biggest import of counterfeit products; which is in fact pharmaceuticals. Quite dangerous thinking that they are actually entering the UK NHS market, rather than a black markets. 

In summery of the Cyberspace Conference I felt the participation of youth was a little tokenistic - however was interesting to be a part of in terms of meeting new people, networking and learning about something I wasn't avidly interested in. 

If you're interested in learning more about the conclusion of the youth group, please click here

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