Saturday, 12 October 2013

School Council Rep - Funky Dragon (Children and Young People's Assembly for Wales) 2010-2012

So as time progressed and I was getting more involved with my Youth Council I was lucky to be around when a space opened up on Funky Dragon to represent the school councils in Conwy. I plucked up courage and did a speech in front of all the school councils and it was put to a vote - I was lucky to win! 

So I was packed off to my first residential which involved getting to know all the other representatives from around Wales and can say its where I have met some of my closest and bestest friends. However (more towards the serious stuff) my role within the youth council was then very much enhanced as I was to represent their views on a national level. 

After several residential trips around Wales and lots of laughs we settled down to the serious business of planning the Welsh report on the implementation of the United National Declaration on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Wales is unique in the respect it is the only nation in the United Kingdom to allow its young people to plan, consult, write and present the report to the United Nations. 

I also got the chance to visit the Welsh Assembly buildings on several occasions for different areas of business for example our annual general meetings and sometimes being involved in Assembly select committee meetings to represent a youth angle. 

My biggest achievement whilst on Funky Dragon was speaking in the Houses of Parliament at the annual UK Youth Parliament Debate representing the WHOLE of Wales. This was televised (so my mum was super happy) and improved my confidence sills to a whole new level. 

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